TnT is always in need of volunteers to assist the organization.  In addition to our need for foster homes, we often require help in many of the regular tasks that our core members take on.

Because the need arises quickly, it would be helpful to know who, what, when, where and how you would be able to offer assistance.  Areas of responsibility are: regular transports, medical transports to and from clinics, meet and greets (how does a dog behave towards you, walk on leash, take treats etc.), attendance at public relations events such as the pet expo in Abbotsford BC. etc.  Use the "Contact Us" form on this website to start the conversation about volunteering.

Volunteers are required to meet one of the TnT team in person prior to coming onboard, and to adhere to our code of ethics below.

TnT Sharpei Rescue Volunteer Code of Ethics:

Our ethics apply to all aspects of our business conduct, and are relevant to the conduct of individuals who assist within our organization.  

Our expectations of volunteer conduct are:

1. Members are to carry out their rescue activities in a professional, positive and considerate manner, so that their representation brings credit to our Rescue.

2. Members should avoid negative criticism of colleagues during communications with the public.

3. Members should avoid negative criticism of any individual during communications with the public.  Bullying or any form of aggressive behaviour  towards others will not be tolerated, this can include verbal  harassment,  or coercion. 

4. Rescue/volunteers will not use their position to divert a dog, a potential adopter or a potential foster home into their own or any other Rescue without the expressed permission of the Rescue/volunteer who initiated the request.