Thank you for contacting TnT Sharpei  Rescue regarding adopting a shar-pei.  There is an application on the web site for you to fill out.  Please feel free to add any comments you may have to the application.  We expend every effort to make good matches between the new owner and dog, and the application makes that job so much easier.  The procedures for adopting a dog are as follows:

Complete the application.

The application will be reviewed and a home visit planned.  A volunteer will call you to arrange an appointment to visit your home to discuss Chinese Shar-pei.  Please know that it may take at least two weeks from the time we receive your application to the time you receive a call.

After the visit you will be given information on how to meet the available dog(s) and how to prepare your home for your rescued Shar-pei.

The adoption fee is currently based on a minimum donation of $350 for an adult dog, and $450 for a dog 6 months and under.  If you wish to contribute more towards the care of your dog, it would be much appreciated.  This helps defray the Rescue’s expenses; we are non profit.  The dogs are examined/treated by a veterinarian, brought up to date on all vaccinations, treated for intestinal parasites and spayed/neutered, along with any other necessary surgeries.  After adoption, we remain “on call” to answer any questions you may have. 

The adoption contract is an agreement that you will provide proper shelter, food, medical care, and that you will not allow your dog to run free without supervision.  The dog must be licensed in accordance with existing laws in your city or county.  Failure to comply will require the Rescue dog be surrendered to TnT Sharpei Rescue. 

We reserve the right to refuse an applicant if the home situation is incompatible with the needs of the rescued Shar-pei.  These dogs have already been traumatized in some fashion, so great care is taken to insure that the remainder of their lives will be comfortable and safe.

NOTE: no portion of the adoption fee, or any expenses associated with the adopted animal will be refunded to the adopter should the dog be returned to TnT Sharpei Rescue for any reason.
Safe Homes Policy

Experience has taught us that the safest environment for any dog includes a fenced area or yard.  We feel very strongly that dogs allowed to wander are dogs that are unloved.  Loose dogs are at high risk for injury or death and can be a menace to others.  Fencing is not an absolute requirement, but careful planning needs to given concerning the time and effort required to adequately exercise your new pet.

Fencing allows the dog to have an exercise area so the owner does not have to walk the dog several times a day.  However, the fenced enclosure is not a living space.  The dogs must reside indoors.  Shar-pei are “people” dogs and want to be with you … be part of the family.  Leaving a dog alone repetitively for long periods of time invites behaviour and health problems and possibly theft from the yard.  The questions on the application are designed to generate thought about responsible pet ownership.  Please give consideration to your answers; it helps us to get to know you.  If these questions bring up doubts, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Because we try to be so careful in our adoption procedures, rarely does an adoption not work out, but occasionally there are problems that make it necessary for the new owners to give up their dog.  Any dog adopted from us must come back to us if you cannot keep it for any reason.  If you are having problems, please call us before they get out of hand.  Most are solvable with just a little effort!

Our rescue organization is comprised of hardworking volunteers whose only reward is seeing these wonderful dogs placed in loving homes and given a second chance.  If you are patient with our process, we will do our best to provide you with a devoted and loving companion.  Thank you for your interest in providing a home for our little wrinkled friends.